Our Product Information Management solution, cloud based on the leading Open Source Pimcore technology, designed to ingest, store, manage and distribute catalogue data across multiple digital touchpoints.

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Specifically design to aid fashion businesses to overcome common digital commerce challenges.


Sourcing, transforming and aggregating data from various ERP systems and technological landscapes;


Standardize and manage catalogue data, product photography and data operation workflows


Enabling digital commerce by exposing continuous or scheduled publication to the multiple digital touch points across all channels (i.e. e-commerce, in-store, digital signage, single stock view)

Key Platform Features

Product information management


Source, transform and aggregate product master data from various sources.

Centralized data management can be challenging, as it requires consumption of multiple information feeds, distributed across several organization systems or produced by organization departments.

Datacon MDM provides data management automation and symplification, enabling your organization to to harmonize catalogue sourcing processes, improve accuracy and save time.


Common interfaces

  • Product master
  • Product variants
  • Components / Parts
  • Price list
  • Properties:
    • Descriptive
    • Technical
    • Fulfilment
    • Administrative
  • Classification / Taxonomy
  • Inventory & Stock
  • Tax / VAT

Reference integrations:

Product information management (PIM)

Product master data sourced from the organization ERP systems rarely contains rich product information and properties necessary for the ecommerce, fulfilment processes and end consumer presentation.

Datacon PIM provides comprehensive data automation, catalogue management, product information enrichment, geographic or location based catalogue segmentation, classification and price variations.

Datacon product information management aims to simplify and reduce ecommerce operations overhead, enabling trading and merchandising teams to achieve rich and accurate product information across all digital channels.

Product information management (PIM)

Common interfaces (bulk import tools)

  • Product assortment (flagging)
  • Product copy
  • Product attributes
  • Language translations
  • Store directory
  • Recommendations
  • SEO / Microdata
  • CMS content slots

Reference import formats:

  • Excel
  • CSV
  • XML
  • JSON

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Caters management of the product images, videos and other document based assets adjacent to the product catalogue.

Datacon DAM exposes file repository to the digital producers, such as photographers, film makers, printers and post-producers. Datacon Digital Asset Management features scheduled ingestion, automated asset to product association, asset transformation and file naming standardization.

Datacon DAM completes the concept of the “centralized product catalogue” to its full extent enabling digital teams and ecommerce operators to provide rich catalogue information to any digital touchpoint.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Common interfaces (ingestion, delivery):

  • WebDAV,
  • SFTP,
  • Cloud Containers (Azure, Amazon)
  • Image (PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF)
  • Video (MPEG, MP4, other)
  • Document (PDF, Office)
  • EXIF tagging
  • Image transformation

Reference integrations:

Digital commerce

Enables e-commerce teams and digital marketers to engage with common trading and merchandising operations.

Datacon can integrate with e-commerce, order management or performance marketing systems to enable features as:

  • visual merchandising,
  • single-stock view,
  • In-store availability,
  • product groups / bundles,
  • catalogue / product geography,
  • promotion options,
  • product performance reporting.

Digital commerce

Common interfaces (catalogues, feeds)

  • Master catalogue
  • Storefront catalogue
  • Price list
  • Inventory
  • Promotions (Sales)
  • Recommendations
  • Store locator
  • Image link
  • Shopping feeds
  • Ads feeds / API triggers

Reference integrations:

Datacon product Information Management

Integration paths and options



Suitable in case organization requires mono-brand master data and catalog management. Includes standard management features, integration with e-commerce and fulfillment platform



Ideal in case organization requires mono-brand master data, catalogue and digital asset management. Includes standard management features, integration with e-commerce, fulfillment and imaging platform / repository.



Option for organizations seeking mono-brand master data, catalogue and digital asset management across multiple channels (online, in-store, apps). Includes extended set of management features, integration with target channels using channel specific standards.

Garmenta - product information management multibrand integration - Neticon


Complete solution for organizations that require management of multi-brand catalogues and digital assets in online or multichannel arrangement. Includes custom features, integration and implementation.


Catalogue management services are part of our Digital Commerce Enablers offering. Services comprise production, execution and operations management capabilities that complement our Datacon platform providing full service solution.


Manual and bulk data entry, normalization and transformation services.


Business and technical level support operations assuring smooth execution of manual and scheduled sourcing and publication processes.


Full spectrum e-commerce support service (merchandising, promotions, recommendations)


Business intelligence gathering and reporting (product data report, inventory dynamics, sales/return reporting).